Police Misconduct Meetings and Hearings

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Police Misconduct Meetings & Hearings

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Police Misconduct Meetings & Hearings

Complimenting our training course for Investigations in Professional Standards, the two-day Sancus Police Misconduct Meetings and Hearings course takes time to focus solely on misconduct proceedings that can be the result of an investigation. There is considerable legislation and statutory guidance on the subject of misconduct meetings and hearings but few opportunities to practice the procedure before undertaking a live case, sometimes now with members of the public in attendance.

Examinations of findings demonstrate that not all cases could or should have been dealt with in the manner in which they were. As well as looking at the mechanics involved the misconduct meetings and hearings course also examines the decision making process leading to the misconduct choices.

With legislative change having already occurred and more change on the horizon this is a good time to take stock of your framework and ensure that it delivers the best possible outcomes in a timely manner and according with legal requirements.

The Sancus Police Misconduct Meetings & Hearings course comprises legislative and guidance presentations from a former Head of Professional Standards. It also includes discussions of alternative decision making options and legislation interpretation. And finally a practical exercise that involves the delegates in                     co-ordinating and handling a misconduct case through the various stages and empowers delegates to convene and manage misconduct meetings and hearings.


In House Training


Sancus Police Misconduct Meetings and Hearings  training can be delivered for your organisation, at a venue of your choice and for up to 12 delegates.

Because of the specialist nature of this training it is beneficial for us to discuss your exact needs and requirements.

Please contact us and our senior course trainer will be pleased to arrange a consultation.


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Police Misconduct Meeting and Hearings Course


Lancashire – January 2018

“I thought the course content was brilliant, and will assist those who are Chairing Meetings very well. My role is slightly different as a Hearings Officer – but I have picked up a significant amount of information that will assist me with my job. Although a few things were different to how Lancashire do them, we are keen for follow ‘best practice’ and have taken a lot from the course, and will be adopting these for our Force”AA – Lancashire Constabulary

Lancashire – September 2015

“I just wanted to let you know that I have now done six misconduct meetings as the lead for the force and I can honestly say that the training you gave was absolutely spot on. I am writing very strong rationales and feel extremely confident that I am making the right decisions. This is mostly as a result of the training and the materials you gave us. Probably the most useful course I have been on”. – Ch.Insp – Lancs Constabulary

Lancashire – June 2015

“Will benefit from observing real life cases – although role play beneficial” – EC

“The slides were excellent and will provide good reference notes” – JH

“Have conducted many meetings, appeals and hearings but found the course informative, great knowledge checks” – GW

“Really useful information and discussions from lots of different perspectives” – CR