Management of Serious Crime Investigative Development Programme (MSCIDP)

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Management of Serious Crime Investigative Development Programme 

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Management of Serious Crime Investigative Development Programme (MSCIDP)

The Management of Serious Crime Investigative Development Programme (MSCIDP) is a College of Policing three week course which is a mandatory qualification  for all Senior Investigating Officers of the future.

The course is frequently delivered in house by police forces and is a combination of presentations and guest speakers. The learning meets National Occupational Standards for managing serious and complex crime investigations and is underpinned by College of Policing Authorised Professional Practice.


MSCIDP – delivery

Sancus can offer police forces assistance with delivery of this programme. Eddie Thistlethwaite OBE  recently retired from Lancashire Constabulary as a Detective Superintendent. A hugely experienced homicide investigator, Eddie is also a qualified trainer having delivered and presented a number of innovative and unique training products to senior detectives from various forces.

Eddie will work with the host force to develop the programme, meet local needs and liaise with guest speakers to ensure a lively and professional learning experience. As well as local experts a number of guest speakers can also be arranged.


MSCIDP – outcomes

The delivery of the MSCIDP will meet all the College of Policing Learning outcomes. There will be presentations from various speakers on subjects including ethics and policy making, investigating child death, witness care, file and court preparation, family liaison, victim personal statement and restorative justice. The course will culminate in the final week when student learning is consolidated and tested using an interactive exercise delivered either by utilising Hydra or as a paper feed.


MSCIDP – feedback

The training delivery Eddie has undertaken includes the three week MCCIDP, he has received glowing feedback from students. The Lancashire Constabulary Head of Crime, Sue Clarke, states;

“Eddie Thistlethwaite is a vastly experienced Senior Investigating Officer who played a key role in refining and delivering the regional MSCIDP course, helping produce a great product that developed our next generation of senior investigators.”

Whilst a student on Eddie’s last course, commented;

“We really appreciated Eddie’s credibility and SIO experience but above that his enthusiasm and humour that made it such an engaging and informative course. He even extended his police career by two days to complete the course with us!”


The delivery of the MSCIDP can be achieved as a partnership

between the host force and Sancus Solutions.


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National Police Promotion Framework Legal Exam

Question Paper

Sancus have devised a unique “70 Quick Fire Questions Test” to help you measure your process and sharpen up recall before sitting the exam. We don’t seek to replicate the format of the exam set by the College of Policing but simply to help you master the complex and confusing details found in all of the four subject areas.

These multiple choice questions can be completed quickly and easily on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

NPPF Questions

National Investigators’ Examination (NIE)

Question Paper

Sancus also produce an NIE 70 Question Quickfire Paper to assist those taking the first step towards qualifying to be an investigator. With the NIE you only get a limited number of chances to sit the exam so preparation is essential.

These multiple choice questions can be completed quickly and easily on any computer, tablet or smartphone.


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