Initial Collision Scene Management

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Initial Collision Scene Management

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The Road Death Investigation Manual tells us that ‘The actions taken by the first officers attending the scene of a collision are critical to the success of any future potential investigation’.

This unique course will afford the road policing officers first on the scene of a serious collision, the best opportunity to ensure that the integrity of the full investigation is protected.


Initial Collision Scene Management Course

At the end of the course students will be confident in their approach to road incidents and be able to deal with the multiple challenges that they will face in the early stages of an investigation. The course will enable them to ensure that the scene or scenes are managed safely, they will be able to give effective advice on which resources are needed, identify witnesses and suspects as well as identify and secure vital evidence.

The course recognises that not all incidents lead to major investigations but the models used throughout also provide a sound basis for confident handling of lower-level incidents as well as the firm foundation skills and legal knowledge that are a necessary part of any serious investigation.


What does the Course deliver?

This one day course, presented by an experienced Road Death SIO and collision investigator, consists of a series of presentations covering important aspects of the role of first officers at the scene of a serious collision.


The areas covered in detail will include:

  • Assessment of the Initial Scene
  • Risk Assessment
  • Making The Scene Safe and Preserving Life
  • Scene Preservation
  • Securing Material
  • Identifying Victims, Witnesses and Potential Suspects

Target Audience:

  • Road Policing Officers
  • Police Supervisors who may take initial command of serious collision scene
  • Highways Agency Staff
  • Fire fighters and Paramedics who may be called to serious collision scene


Sancus Initial Collision Scene Management skills training can be delivered for your organisations, at a venue of your choice.

Because of the specialist nature of this training it is beneficial for us to discuss your exact needs and requirements.

Please contact us and our senior course trainer will be pleased to arrange a consultation.

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