Controlled drug accountable officer pre inspection audit

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Controlled Drug Accountable Officer

Pre-Inspection Audit


Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer

CDAO Pre Inspection Audit – Testimonials

October 2016

‘Richard and Gail were helpful and informative and the planning, audit and follow up were all much appreciated, hugely beneficial and professionally delivered. I would highly recommend all hospices to undertake an external audit by a reputable provider like Sancus. We were given verbal and written feedback following the audit. The action plan provided is easy to follow and clearly set out with a priority rating attached. The team provided a very useful learning experience for all of those involved.’ 

Rachel McCarty Director of Care North Devon Hospice

May 2016

“Richard and Gail from Sancus were extremely professional in their method of carrying out our pre-CQC CD audit. They approached the undertaking of the audit with insight into the practical application of the measures within the working environment of a hospice inpatient setting. Their challenge was fair but firm, and delivered in a way that generated us to take a deeper critical analysis of our working practices. Their open, enquiring, supportive style proved key to staff feeling that they could be honest and transparent in their discussions.

I would highly recommend their services to anyone who aspires to seek assurance and improve their approach to the safe and effective management of controlled drugs”.

Liz Arnold  Director of Patient Services, Earl Mountbatten Hospice

CDAO Pre Inspection Audit – Service Overview

The collaborative inspection is designed to explore how an organisation manages controlled drugs by auditing all elements governed by the Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer (CDAO).

The aim is to reduce organisational risk caused by inappropriate use of CDs by ensuring adherence to internal policies and procedures whilst being aligned to National legislation.

Our audit team, who have a wealth of knowledge in managing and handling controlled drugs combined with critical incident investigation experience carry, out the visit. The audit team will immerse itself into your organisation to fully understand the entire journey of controlled drugs from delivery to patient.

By auditing each department, our team are able to work collaboratively with your team to identify areas of risk, along with assessing adherence to your standard operating procedures. To improve the management of controlled drugs, we design solutions to reduce identified risks, whilst being respectful of the need to deliver patient care.

This collaborative approach has resulted in operating changes within organisations that have enhanced their safe handling and effective management of controlled drugs.

The inspection concludes with feedback to the CDAO to articulate the observations along with suggested improvements. These are rated in order of severity to identify areas of priority for implementation following the inspection.

Risks Identified – Key focus for the audit:

• Requisition of controlled drugs

• Delivery and receipt into the organisation

• Internal requisitions for controlled drugs and the associated supply

• Accurate record keeping for receipt and supply of controlled drugs

• Safe destruction of controlled drugs

• Roles and responsibilities of the CDAO

• Any areas identified by the organisation as requiring detailed investigation

• Plus all other areas identified on the CQC controlled drugs audit


For more information please contact us and our lead trainer will be happy to discuss your requirements.O – Pre-Inspection Audit Contact San

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